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Hybrid Bridge Pin Sets

In the September 2006 issue of the ToneQuest Report, I talked about the importance bridge pins play in the tone of the guitar. This is a simple modification that is often overlooked. If your guitar has plastic bridge pins, your tone is not what it could be.

I recommend using water buffalo horn for the three high strings, which makes the highs more brilliant; and ebony for the three low strings, which brings more oomph to the lows.

They fit most guitars, but in the case they do not, a guitar repairman can enlarge the bridge pin hole a tiny amount, using a bridge-pin-hole reamer.   

To purchase: $30.00 per set (within USA).

For (outside USA) $30.00 per set + $20.00 shipping.

(Out of country clients must allow one month for delivery) 

Sets are currently available. 

             * * * * * * Please Note * * * * * *  

Any orders received after March 31, 2022 will not be filled until June 8, 2022

Please send check or money order to:

Larry Cragg
P.O. Box 1513
San Anselmo, CA 94979

Or pay by PayPal to: larryvir5@gmail.com

Be sure to include your name and address.