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Props & Vintage Mics

Props and Vintage Microphones

Musical Props - Vintage Rock & Country

Choose from the large selection of:  guitars - acoustic and electric,
guitar amps or bass amps,  plus many miscellenous small amplifiers.
We have a full rhythm section with: drum kits, hand drums and a variety of hand instruments.

Microphones from the 30s 40s 50s 60s
50 to choose from - art deco, streamlined, great for videos

Hawaiian Instruments

Antique and Unusual Instruments
Lute (100 year old)
1850s Guitar
Stroviole - English
Fife and Drum

Misc. Brass and Wind Instruments
Clarinets, Saxaphones, Flutes

violins & cellos

Misc. Props
Tweed Luggage
Antique Phones - wall and table
Table Fans
- 1930s table, 1950s -1960s transistor
50s Record Player
Antique Tools