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Gibson Electric Guitars

We carry a large selection of Gibson electric guitars with a variety of pickups. Choose from Gibson guitars with: humbucking pickups or P- 90 pickups.

1960 Les Paul Standard reissue - w/Fralin pickups, incredible tone, producer's choice 
1960 Les Paul Standard reissue - w/Fralin Unbuckers, clear tones, great in studio
1971 Les Paul Custom - with Firebird bridge pickup
1956 Les Paul TV Special - single cutaway, 2 P-90s, medium-large frets, great playing
1960 Les Paul Special - double cutaway, w/2 P-90's
1974 Les Paul Firebrand - all mahogany, ebony fingerboard, rich warm sound
1956 Les Paul Jr. - single cutaway, w/single P-90, bar bridge
1957 Les Paul Jr. - 11-52, w/wound 3rd
1959 Les Paul Jr. - double cutaway, producer's choice - killer, in-your-face tones!
1956 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty - w/2 P-90's, special Alnico P-90 in neck
1953 Les Paul Gold Top - w/tune-o-matic bridge and Bigsby
1953 Les Paul Gold Top - late '53 built to '54 specs, original stop bar bridge. Maple cap on mahogany body.
SG Standard - 2 humbuckers
1961 Gibson Special - two P-90's, think Santana at Woodstock
Gibson SG Les Paul Junior - 1-P 90 with bar bridge
1965 ES 335
 - semi-hollow body, rich and syrupy, killer tones! producer's choice
1956 ES-175 - w/2 P-90's, huge, wide sound on neck pickup. Produces the world's widest jazz tone!
1960 ES-175 - w/single PAF Humbucker, flat wounds - For the ultimate in jazz tones!
L6S prototype - handmade w/handmade pickups by Bill Lawrence