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Fender Electric Guitars

Choose from our selection of vintage Fender Guitars.
Stratocasters: for killer rock tones
Telecasters: great for country or rock
Jazzmasters: for the ultimate in mid 60's surf tones

Most of our Stratocasters are equipped with Lindy Fralin pickups, custom made for Larry Cragg and known for their rich, 'Stratocaster-and-a-half' worth of tone! Most of our Telecasters are equipped with Lindy Fralin pickups, custom made for Larry Cragg providing the ultimate in 'Telecaster' tones!

Stratocaster - swamp ash, maple neck, hard tail, w/Fralin pickups
1962 Stratocaster reissue - w/Fralin pickups, incredible Strat-tones, producer's choice
1976 Stratocaster - northern ash w/Fralin pickups, solid rhythm
Stratocaster - red, with vibrato and 1/4 lb bridge pickup 
1954 Telecaster - all original parts, solid Tele tones
Telecaster - (early 70s), northern ash body, maple neck, great tones
1972 Telecaster maple neck - after-market, feather-weight swamp ash body, w/Fralins
1952 Telecaster reissue - plays great!
1963 Jazzmaster - syrupy, rich, ultimate surf tones
1965 Mustang - powder blue, mint condition
Telecaster - with custom 100 year old neck, swamp ash body, Fralin pickups
Telecaster Custom - with special, handmade Fender pickup