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Miscellaneous Electric Bass Guitars

PJ - custom Fender-style, made with graphite bars in neck, active electronics versatile tones
1960s Rickenbacker 4001 - classic 'ELP' and 'Yes' tones
Hofner Beatle Bass - spruce top, hollow body
Coral Long Scale - lipstick tube pickups, unusual tones
Gretch - long scale, 2 Supertron pickups, unusual tones
Musicman Stingray - (active electronics) Bartolini pickups, punchy tones
1968 Guild Starfire II - short scale, 2 pickups.  ala 'Jack Cassidy/Jefferson Airplane'
Gibson L6S style - one of a kind prototype, all maple, long sustain, unusual tones
Coral Wasp - 2 lipstick tube pickups, cool tone
Tiesco - has a very unusual sound

Danelectro 6 string - short scale, 'tick-tack', 2 lipstick tube pickups
Lakeland 5 string Skyline series - 35 1/2" scale, (active electronics) high-tech, incredible 5 string
Musicman Stingray 5 string - (active electronics) punchy tones
Rogue 5 string - passive electronics
Hagstrom 8 string - octave strings, short scale.  ala 'Jimi Hendrix'
Kramer 12 string - 2 octave strings, long scale.  ala 'Pearl Jam'